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Lemuria 2006


Bill Ashcroft, Michael Wilding, Mark O’ Connor, Michael Cathcart, Alur Janaki Ram, Alan Gould, Paul Sharrad, Cassandra Artherton, Philip Mead, David Myres, Anuraag sharma, Geoff page, Rashmi Bhatnagar, Nicholas Birns, David Gibley, Pradeep Trikha

From Editor’s Desk…Manhatan…All futures are past. There was a Lemuria. There will be a Lemuria. The journey from an L____ to the L___ is an unhyphenated one of iswaswillbe. Lemuria — the geologists will tell whatever they may find – might be a fabled lost country, a missing link, or yet another name for Kumari Kandam.

Anuraag Sharma

 Lemuria 2008
CONTRIBUTORS J.F.Verrnay, A.Janaki Ram, Afeefa Banu, Adreinne Sally, Indira Nityanandam, Malati Mathur, Natalie Seger, Priya Tripathi, Michelle Cahill, Atiqa Masih, Inez Baranay, Seemin Hasan, M.Abbassuddin, Shkha Jhanwar, A Sudha, Gjv Prasad, Nidhi Singh, Liana Joy Christensen, Rashmi Bhatnagar, Michael Wilding
EditorialsA man in a wheel chair fights for life. Against death. His looks are Tiresias – like. His posture is Sibyllic. A Trishankoo, he has a pendulam-ed being swaying at the behest of a little flicker of the stars. He shuts his eyes and the Outer Space flashes inwardly. He opens his eyes and the Inner Space materialises outwardly – in  A Brief History of Time.

Anuraag Sharma

 Lemuria 2010

CONTRIBUTORS Ismail Bala Garba, Sridevi, Ludmila Volna, Nathaniel O’ Rielly, Pradeep Trikha, Liana Joy, Ashutosh Mohan, Putricia Dobrez, Sule E. Egya, Susan Jacobowitz, Vaishnavi das, Binod Mishra

EditorialsIn the Ramayana, when Lord Rama and his army of monkeys were making extensive preparations to wage the dharmayuddha (the War between Good and Evil) against Ravana who had stolen the Lord’s consort Sita and now would not return her without a fight, one day the Lord went to his army camps to supervise the construction of Rama Setu, the bridge over ocean to serve as an isthmus between India and lanka.Anuraag Sharma
Next Issue of the Journal Scheduled for June 2010. Last date for submission : 30th April 2010

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