Inward Journey
Inward Journey (Cover Page)
1974 and Other Poems
1974 and Other Poems (Cover Page)
 Prayaas (Cover Page)
Encounters with I…
Encounters with I…  Encounters with I… (Cover Page)  Encounters with I… (Back Cover) ENCOUNTERS...
Footprints in Dark
Footprints in Dark  Footprints in Dark (Cover Page)  Footprints in Dark (Back Cover)  
Via & Vis
Via & Vis  Via & Vis (Cover Page)  Via & Vis (Back Cover) Via & Vis (Front Page Flap)  
Songs of Debacle
Songs of Debacle  Songs of Debacle (Cover Page)  Songs of Debacle (Back Cover)
Hundred Moons
Hundred Moons  Hundred Moons (Cover Page)  Hundred Moons (Back Cover)  
Walking Alone
Walking Alone  Walking Alone (Cover Page)  Walking Alone (Back Cover) WALKING ALONE ISBN: 978-81-7711-214-6 Paper...
Beyonds & Betwēon
Beyonds & Betwēon  Beyonds & Betwēon (Cover Page)  Beyonds & Betwēon (Back Cover) Beyonds &...